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We are all one team; here for one sole purpose; we are united with common goals:

  • To help get your lost cat home
  • To help find the home of your found cat
  • To educate the public about over crowding shelters

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File a report

If you have a lost cat, have found a cat, or have sighted a cat, please fill out a free report with us. Your report will go to the appropriate state for the volunteers to post on their Facebook page.

Click here to file a report

Get fliers

We are partnered with PetFBI. So when you fill out a report with PetFBI, we will be able to make a free flier for you to share both online and to print out. Your cat will also go on PetFBI's map search.

Volunteer community

The links to our partnered states are listed below. You are able to use this search to find lost and found cats in your area. Please note that some of the pages are the lost dog pages. This just means we we do not have a separate lost cats page in that state. Rest assured, our volunteers will take care of you on the lost dog pages.



File a lost report

Fill out a free lost pet report at https://petfbi.org/report.html

  • Free flyer for you to share online and in print.
  • Free entry on PetFBI's map search.

File a found report

Fill out a free found pet report at https://petfbi.org/report.html

  • Free flyer for you to share online and in print.
  • Free entry on PetFBI's map search.

Tips to find a lost cat

We wish you all the best and safe returns home for your kitty!

We recommend

  • Share a flyer to your Facebook page and any other social media sites you may be on.
  • Print out a flyer and pin it up around town, with permission. (For example: on an ad wall inside your local supermarket.)
  • Tag any friends that will aid in your search.
  • Tag yourself to the poster on our Facebook page.
  • Check your local human society and shelters often and in person as cat descriptions vary with each person.
  • Check craigslist.org, post on nextdoor.com as well and notify your local police department.
  • Sharing printed out posters and going door to door makes a huge impact!
  • If you own your own home, put up a yard sign in the front yard with your cat's information.
  • Put out your used, worn clothes or something that smells like you.
  • Put out a can of your cat's favorite smelly food too as cats rely heavily on scent. You may also want to set up a feeding station.
  • Trail cameras can be extremely helpful, review it closely to see if you can spot him/her.
  • Live traps can be very resourceful and can often be borrowed or rented from your local animal shelter.
  • Talk with neighbors and outside workers such as your mailman, utility workers, etc.
  • Go out in the evening when it gets dark. Take a flashlight and look under porches, in bushes and in trees. Try to see if you can spot the glow of their eyes.

We do not recommend

  • Do NOT put the flyer inside mail boxes, this is illegal.

Tips to reunite a cat

We recommend

  • Share your found flyer with local shelters and vets.
  • Share the flyer online as well on community pages, if permitted.
  • Check for a microchip, most vets do this for free.
  • Check the map search to see if someone is missing a cat that matches the one you have found.